DPS Consumer club 'Jagriti' is organising various online competitions to bring Consumer Awareness among the students.
The details of the competitions are:
Topic - Consumer Awareness.
Group 1- Class 6 to 8
Activitiy 1- Slogan writing competition.
word limit not more than 20 words.
Activity 2- Poster making competition
size of the poster A3



Group 2 - Classes 9 & 10
Topic - Consumer Awareness .
Activity - 1 Online quiz on consumer awareness. Activity - 2 Animated video competition.
Time limit of the video 5 min.
Interested Students please give your name to your respective class teachers


Group 3 - Classes 11 & 10.
Activity 1 - Animated video competition.
Time limit of the video is 5 - 7 minutes.
Activity 2- Poster making competition.
Size of the poster -A3

Interested students please give their name to their respective class teachers

All other details like date, time ,etc. About the competition will be given in the group created after 10th August 2020 .

All the class teachers are requested to forward the names of the participanting student, class & section and their contact number to either G Manjusha Mallia or Ranjana Sinha latest by Monday, 10 the August 2020





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