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Warm greetings! Let me welcome you all to the new academic session 2017-18.  This year the school gears itself up for a changed education pattern. The CBSE brings revolutionary changes and heralds board examinations back for Class X students. Thus, the onus now lies on the school community, students and parents to put forth a missionary zeal for academic brilliance and excellence.
I earnestly request the parent community to devote quality time to their wards so that best can be extracted and we are able to produce well-rounded personalities in the form of our students. The Mathura Refinery Management is benevolent in contributing with the state of the art facilities and we have gratitude for their endeavours! Equal gratitude is for the mentors at the DPS Society for their guidance and motivation.
Anticipating and striving that each DPS MRian shines in the examination of life  and thus rise and shine. We believe that to lead in academics is to lead in life because learning and leadership are inseparable!

Regards and best wishes


Dr G P Pandey




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