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Children must be taught how to think, not what to think- Margaret Mead

The first quarter of 2016 has drawn to a close and another school academic session is upon us. New classes, new books, new hopes and new promises….to work harder…to do better than yester years!
An era of leadership via academics has dawned. Since experience is the greatest teacher, experiential learning is the in thing. This perspective discourages rote learning; instead, it promotes deeper understanding by letting a child learn by doing. The academic session 2016-17 has commenced at an optimistic note. The school has open doors to unleash 100 KV solar power electricity systems, thus generating renewable energy. A DPS MRian thus paves way for a greener, cleaner and safer earth, taking the onus on his/ her shoulder.
This is just a beginning because with this concept of experiential learning, the young minds shall apply their knowledge and discover their own answers. In the rut of board exams and other competitive exams, a DPS MRian shall understand and retain concepts for life.
Anticipating and striving that each DPS MRian shines in examination and at larger level in life. We believe that to lead in academics is to lead in life because learning and leadership are inseparable!

With best wishes…
Dr G P Pandey




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